Coca-Cola Zero: Drinkable Billboard

Coca-Cola Zero: Drinkable Billboard


In 2015, Coca-Cola launched their interactive Drinkable campaign, highlighted by the Drinkable Billboard. This massive 26-foot tall, 23,000-pound billboard delivered up to 5,000 ice cold samples of Coke Zero a day.


Develop a breakthrough experience that is social and shareable, geared towards a millennial audience. Highlight Coke Zero product with integrity, assuring that the final billboard stands out in a variety of environments.


In order to get more people to try Coke Zero, IMG LIVE built a first-of-its kind billboard that literally turned a traditional advertising element into immediate trial opportunities. The giant, 26-by-36-foot, 23,000 pound billboard became the centerpiece of Coke Zero’s 2015 “You Don’t Know Zero ‘Til You’ve Tried It” campaign, providing a shareable experience as well as refreshment.


During each cycle, carmel-colored liquid flowed from a massive 10-ft high contour bottle through a 4,500 foot-long straw that spelled out “Taste It” and into a sleek 7-valve dispenser unit located at the foot of the billboard. A combination of lighting, graphics and sounds were subtly added to the experience, accentuating the amber highlights of the liquid against a dark, misty billboard.


To date, the Drinkable Billboard has visited three events and proven that Millennial consumers can’t resist the chance to try the product and share content about advertising you can actually drink. Combined Drinkable Billboard events have generated 75,000 ice cold servings of Coke Zero while garnering a reach of 130 million viewers through social and national media.