Every Tuesday morning our Creative department gathers together so one of our teammates can share something that inspires them in their work and in their personal lives. This is one of those inspirations.

A great article in the Harvard Business Review explains why some leaders fail to empower their teams to innovate.

I immediately gravitated to this piece by Adam Grant because a “culture of originality” is what all agencies strive to achieve. The suggestions provided for cultivating ideas were both insightful and simple to comprehend. You should read the whole thing, but here are a few of my favorites:

  • Letting a Thousand Flowers Bloom: being prolific increases originality, because sheer volume improves chances of finding novel solutions
  • Think Like the Enemy: to encourage people to think differently and generate more ideas, put them on offense
  • Cultivate Cohesion/Dissent: to maintain originality over time, leaders need to keep fighting the pressures against it

The article has so much valuable information, but I’ll leave you with this thought to begin 2017 with:

We tend to believe that true innovators are a rare breed but we are all capable if set up for success.

– Casey Heffernan, Content Producer

Read the full article here: