The Intern Diaries: The Big Picture From The C1N Launch Party

Though I am spending my summer as an intern on the Content and Strategy team at IMG LIVE, I have fortunately had the chance to work in the office across departments with our creative, production, and client service teams. Last week I had a chance to see them all in action on-site, as we partnered with Under Armour to help launch Cam Newton’s new lifestyle shoe, the C1N, right here in his hometown of Atlanta. The two-fold activation included a daytime community event for Boys and Girls Clubs of Atlanta, followed by a nighttime activation featuring Newton’s new line and a performance from 2 Chainz.

The entire day was incredible, and it was really amazing to see all of the different parts of the agency work simultaneously as a whole, bringing all the things I have learned together.

Here are three  discoveries that I have learned throughout my internship that came to fruition at the Under Armour C1N Launch Party:

The “Awe” Moment: When Graphics Come To Life

After a brainstorm you can picture the activation in your head. You then see the designs the creative team draws up on the screen. But once you step on-site, none of your preconceived notions do the activation any justice. This was definitely the case for me on this occasion, as the production and design team worked seamlessly together to bring the activation to life. The C1N was the center of attention, featured in front of 10-ft tall graphics with intricate artistic designs rising up from the floor, bathed in spotlights. The collective display made a grandiose entrance to the activation. It will always blow my mind how 2D renders of  graphics on a computer screen can turn into a larger-than-life 3D activation. For someone who is interested in the creative process, it was an incredible learning experience to see how all of the designs came together. 


The “Let’s Get It Done” Moment:

Sometimes you just have to get it done. I can see that attitude throughout the entire company. It doesn’t matter how, just make it happen. All the perfectionists (a.k.a. everyone) were running around making sure every C1N napkin was placed down at 90 degrees, wrinkles were steamed, and mint jars filled at every moment throughout the night. Filling a mint jar might seem like a task for just us interns, but even VPs of production were chipping in. Everyone was there to finish the job.

The “I Get It” Moment: 

Through interning with IMG LIVE, I realized that all sorts of people communicate in different ways in an agency. Communicating between different departments when deciphering brand RFPs with client services and brainstorming with like-minded creatives has served as an awesome learning curve. The production teams thinks about how much an element of an event is going to cost while the strategy team thinks about social media reach as its own form of social currency.


An activation is a success when all the departments communicate together to deliver on what they do best. With the C1N launch, I was able to work with each group during the day and see their roles up close and personal, whether by helping the designers create the interactive art wall, helping the production team tear down the lights, or communicating throughout with client service on walkie-talkies.

All of the hard-working attitudes and attention to the little details are what make an activation a success. When things don’t go exactly as planned because of Murphy’s Law, you just have to get it done. Every person in an agency like IMG LIVE has a specific and irreplaceable role. My biggest learning experience from the C1N was seeing just how integrated everyone is, and seeing what is possible when all the brainstorms, meetings, emails, and planning is finished.