Walk The Walk: A New Employee’s Perspective On A Day of Service

Recently IMG LIVE participated in the WME | IMG Walk the Walk day of service, a company-wide initiative to give back to the communities in which we all live. Our JaNee Allen, a recent hire in our video department, filed this dispatch about the experience and what it was like for a new employee.

You know what’s terrifying about moving 1,000 miles away from your family, friends, and the job you know and do well in your hometown? Everything. From navigating impossible traffic patterns (thanks random bridges collapsing), to trying to figure out how to get my dog to not cry incessantly when I leave the apartment (wouldn’t want to be evicted because of sad dog cries) – it has, and continues to be, a whirlwind of emotions.

Through the uneasiness of the last four weeks, the one constant has been work. I’m sure some of the seasoned veterans on my team will laugh heartily at the idea that our neck-breaking speeds can be viewed as a comforting constant, but that’s exactly what it has felt like to me. As an admittedly type-A person who values some modicum of stability wherever I can find it, this team, my desk, this office, has been an oasis for me — an island in an ocean of “What the what is actually happening?!” Here, the challenges are manageable, the steps to success clear.

Some of our colorful no-slip socks

You know what should also be manageable and clear?  MARTA, my chosen method of transport to our corporate Walk the Walk day of service. IMG LIVE participated in this corporate event for the first time this year – joining up with the larger WME | IMG family to spend time together while volunteering at local non-profits, which on this day included Hope Hill Elementary, Action Ministries, and Resources for Residents & Communities.

Throughout the day, my coworkers and I worked on various projects that included beautification initiatives, building benches and gardening. I was assigned to Team Lavender and tasked with “Arts & Crafts.” I spent my day making no-slip socks, while others painted flower pots – all to be donated to the new residents of the senior community that was founded by the same family that started Resources for Residents. As someone who is still in the process of settling in, it meant a lot to me to have the opportunity to help someone else feel welcome and comfortable in their own new home.

Throughout the day puff painting socks, my IMG LIVE and WME | IMG coworkers provided some valuable insights into the Atlanta culture. I learned about the Big Chicken, got some basic geography lessons and got caught up on some local politics. Plus the items we made were fantastic. The artistic and creative skills of the flower-pot painters were impressive and also great representations of local culture with no shortage of Georgia peaches and Falcons symbols. Beyond the socks and the flower pots, I was able to see in action how empathetic, caring, funny, and supportive the people I work with are.

I’m happy that within my first month on the job I was able to participate in Walk the Walk. I was able to make a small contribution to the betterment of the local community, visit parts of Atlanta that I’m not sure that I would have seen otherwise, and spend time getting to know my coworkers on a different level. It was an invaluable experience, one that could not have come at a better time as I continue to gain my footing in my new surroundings, and I look forward to our next opportunity to do it all over again.

My group for the day at Resources for Residents

JaNee Allen is a video coordinator at IMG LIVE.