Our IMG LIVE Family

To My Dear IMG LIVE Family! 

When it was apparent that WME/IMG was going to acquire IMG LIVE, I started to write down some words that I thought helped describe what I have felt about the journey that was my agency life with IMG LIVE these past special years…..

Those words for me were: 






FAMILY:  First, of course! I think here at IMG LIVE we have all tried to create a family culture where we would thrive, as well as help us to stay engaged and grow.  Whether it was birthday celebrations, Thanksgiving lunches, VP Admin initiations, Christmas Parties or support during trying times, we were all in this together, for each other. Families aren’t perfect, and we certainly have many moving parts, but family we always were. Our culture felt real and it felt right! It has a specialness which is a part of our DNA. I certainly  can’t discuss family without mentioning how proud I am of Casey and David.  What fun to come to work each day and be with your kids! Although this too wasn’t perfect, and certainly “work” came home a lot…….I am so Heff’n  proud of you and already miss seeing you each morning….or getting a text from the road!  I love and am so proud of both my families! 


TRUST:  Part  of building a successful agency was creating a trust between each other. Trust for management, trust of/by the client that we would do the right things for their brands. Trust, that at the end of the day we had each other’s backs and knew decisions that were made were for and in the best interest of everyone. Trust that work teams would come together and NO MATTER the circumstances we would make it work. Trust is the glue that keeps families and relationships together….it certainly helped us. Going forward, nurture that trust and as challenges or changes occur, as they always do, talk openly about issues AND solutions and the best thing to do, AND the RIGHT thing to do……I TRUST you will! 

SACRIFICE: Countless  hours, weekends, stress, meetings, patience. We gave of our most precious asset of time, and put the work in front of our own needs. We would “NEVA”, have gotten to this point without ALL of your sacrifices and hard work and commitment to our work! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

PEOPLE:  It’s the people. Hire the best and the brightest and most hardworking people and see what you get…THE BEST AGENCY in the experiential world. But it wasn’t just the talent, it was all the personalities, and characters and fun and memories we all had with each other. It was the leadership and Bryan and the leadership team working tirelessly to make sure we always got better, even when it hurt! I will always remember the people and you!  A Shout out to Jean Marie as she has been by my side for I am sure more hours than we both can count. Thanks for taking care of me!  

TRAJECTORY: People often ask me what am I most proud of at IMG LIVE?  I try and look  back and think…….  I remember a guest speaker who presented at one of our agency meetings saying his proudest moment was when he sold his company. No way…. I say!  For me, it’s the positive impact we had and have had on people. I am most proud of our Trajectories!  If we have changed the trajectory of any of our associates….whether that be by improving organizational, or communication skills, leading teams or creating better client solutions or what ever the case may be…… Or if our compensation plan and benefits helped people reach some of their personal goals or if IMG LIVE has changed the trajectory of someones’s career and  or life….And some  of those “lives” were those of suppliers or clients and even communities or people in need. That’s special and that’s IMG LIVE! 

I walk the halls of our agency and see all the work, the leadership, the decisions and process and all the goings on……and I have watched all of you grow! I am the most proud of THAT and of all the THAT’S to come!!

I thank you for changing the trajectory of my career and my life.  I hope to see many of you tonight at the house, or get a chance to speak to you before I transition to another chapter in my life. Rumor has it I may make my way back to New York to see you all too!

Many of you have seen the Jerry McGuire wall in my office and I have spoken about how that movie moved me, so I will leave you with this:


From the late great Dicky Fox:“Hey, I don’t have all the answers. In life, to be honest, I failed as much as I have succeeded. But I love my wife, I love my life, and I wish you my kind of success.” 

So, cheers to my IMG Live family!!! To TRUST and SACRIFICE and the best PEOPLE in the industry!  May TRAJECTORIES always continue to trend in the right direction for you! 

Miss you all already!