Hey, How Do You Make A Car Float?

When it comes to content marketing, opportunities are all around us if we just take a step back to notice.

One IMG LIVE employee provided a great example of this recently with his work with the LPGA’s Kia Classic, and the ever-present floating car exhibit you see at many professional golf tournaments.

You know the floating car – it’s this guy over here.

While floating a car isn’t a new concept, viewing it as content is.

Scott Jones, Director of Client Services, noticed that fans at events were often asking the question: “How do they do that?”

Sensing a great opportunity, he and his team worked to produce time-lapse footage (below) of Kia’s flagship vehicle, the Kia K900, being loaded into the pond alongside the 18th fairway at Aviara Golf Club in Carlsbad, CA, host site of the 2016 Kia Classic.


“We’ve been asked about it for years,” said Jones. “We’d captured footage of it in the past, but nothing that was optimized for mobile consumption. I knew if we could make it more bitesized and a little flashier, there was an audience for it.” 

An audience indeed – as of this writing, the video has racked up over 521,000 views on the LPGA’s Facebook page, far and away the most-viewed video they’ve shared in the last twelve months.

Where as some brands might be tempted to hoard a piece of content for their own channels, IMG LIVE recommended a different approach for Kia.

Not only did Jones’ team work with Kia and the LPGA to share the video natively via their respective social channels, but they also worked with NBC Golf to feature it during the broadcast of the tournament, gaining even more exposure for the brand.

“I pitched it as content people want to see,” said Jones. “Instead of cutting to commercial with a generic shot of the golf course, why not use this branded piece to tell an interesting story from start to finish in under 30 seconds?”


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